There are two ways you can check out a product:

  1. Manual
    Use the Inventory > Checkout menu option to record each checkout. This can be done for one product at a time or for multiple products at the same time.
    - Single
    At a time, you can check out a single product.
      checkout entry process for each product. This is time-consuming, but helpful         when the product is an expensive product. For example, your center provides       the Skin Rejuvenation service using Botox. The dosage in this treatment is             important and need more tracking than other services.
    - Bulk
      You can checkout multiple products using the bulk checkout option.

  2. Automatic
    Allow Zenoti to do the checkouts at a center level. This is required for checkouts that are done on a regular basis for example, for sale, consumption to provide a service, and transfers.  

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