--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer: This article is only for the latest version of Zenoti Reports.

With the new Zenoti Reports, you can create a summary of a report based on a specific column.  Each of these groupable columns is indicated by the groupable icon.

To create a report summary

  1. Click the Reports icon.
    The Reports Dashboard appears.

2. Search and open the report.
    The report opens in a new tab.

Let’s say that you want to create a summary of the Sales-Cash report.

3. Drag and drop the desired columns in the designated section of the report.
   You can see that the report gets summarized based on the columns that you                 selected for the summary.

4. Alternatively, you can also select the Group by option of a specific column.
Note: This option is available only for a few columns in the Sales-Cash and Sales- Accrual reports.

5. If you want to save the summarized report and view it later, click Save View.

6. Enter the name of the summarized report.
    The summarized report is added as a tab next to Detailed View.

7. To delete a view, click Delete View.

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