--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer: This article is only for the latest version of Zenoti Reports.

In a report, there may be a few columns that you want to view and a few columns that you do not want to view. 

With Zenoti Reports, you can show/hide a column within the report. The admin can also enable or disable columns for each report at the organization level.

Important: When you show/hide columns in a report, the system automatically saves this for you and when you generate the report next time, the report columns will be shown or hidden based on your last settings.

To show/hide columns in a report

  1. At the organization level, click on Reports icon.

2. Search and run the report you want to export.
    The report opens in a new tab.
3. Click the Show/Hide Columns icon at the top of the report.
    The list of columns in the report appears.

4. To show a column in the report, select the corresponding checkbox.
5. To hide a column from the report, clear the corresponding checkbox.
6. Click Save.
    The columns that you have selected to show/hide will be saved when the next time      you generate the report. 

Show/Hide a specific column

You can also show or hide a column by using the Show/Hide Column icon that is available for each column within the report.

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