Note: If the gift card number in the Code field is masked, you must first obtain the gift card number from the guest, click the Code field, and then enter the gift card number. Only then will you be able to edit the gift card expiry date. 

In situations when the guest is unable to provide the gift card number, you can request a staff member with the required permission (by default, the owner role has the permission enabled) to look up the number from the guest profile.

  1. Go to the guest's profile, and then click the Gift Card tab.
    The history of all the gift cards purchased and received by the guest appears.

  2. Click the gift card balance amount that you want to edit.
    Note: If you do not see the balance as a link, it means that you do not have the required permission to edit the balance.

  3. In the Update Gift Card Balance window, enter the new balance.
    You must enter the total amount after you have added the new balance to the existing balance.
    Example: If the existing balance if $100 and you add $50 to it, you must enter $150 in the new balance field.
    Note: If the price and value are different, the new balance is added to the value of the gift card. The price of the gift card does not change.

    4. In the Comments field, type any useful notes.

    5. Click OK.
The gift card balance is updated and you can now view the modified gift card balance when taking the payment in the POS window. Learn more

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