You can pause the bookings flow done from Webstore, Zenoti Mobile, or Customer Mobile Application (CMA) for your business. Depending on your role permissions, you can temporarily disable online bookings for all of your centers until required. 

To pause online bookings 

1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization> Centers.
4. Click Online Booking tab.  
5. Click to expand Settings.
6. To block bookings, in Block online bookings from, enter a start and end date.
    This allows you to block online bookings from a particular date until whenever you
    want to resume your business.  
7. To ensure you don’t want to receive bookings during this period, uncheck Allow
    Appointment Booking box.

8. Click Save.  
9. Go to the Hours tab.
10. To make sure that your guests don’t book any openings when using CMA, change
      the Center Start and End Time for all days in a week.
      For example, change the Start time to 0.00 and End time to 1.00 am. 

11. Click Save

Note: If you get a User consent for card on file is mandatory error message,
when saving the start and end time as mentioned in the example, make sure the Enable user consent for card on file is unchecked at the center level
(Admin > Organization > Centers > Online booking tab> expand Webstore V2 Settings > unselect Enable user consent for card on file checkbox > click Save).


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