The Settlement Report of Airpay displays a list of your daily transactions (Online and POS) along with important details such as deposit amount, deposit date, and transaction fees. 

This will allow you to reconcile your collections with the bank deposits. 


For effective reconciliation of collections and payouts, Zenoti recommends you to compare the Zenoti Collections - Online Transactions report with the Airpay Settlement Report for each of your centers. This gives you a complete picture of your total collections versus total deposits in the bank account.
As a secondary validation, you can also compare your bank statement with the Airpay Settlement Report and check if the correct amounts are deposited.

Note: Transactions processed in Airpay are not immediately deposited to your bank account. Airpay usually takes two working days for depositing the collected amount to your bank account. For example, if you process a transaction for ₹200/- on March 10, the amount will be deposited on March 12th.

To view the Settlement Report

  1. Navigate to the URL
    The Airpay MA Panel login screen appears. 

   2. Enter your username and password.
       The MA Panel home screen appears. 

    3. On the left panel, click the Menu icon. 

       The menu opens.
  4. For the Report menu item, click the arrow icon. 

The MA Panel will display the following options:

  • Merchant Report

  • Top Banks

  • Top Cards

  • Top Channels

  • Transaction Settlement

   5. Click Transaction Settlement.
       The Settlement Report opens.
   6. Specify the From Date and the To Date.
        Note: The date range should not be more than 62 days.
    7. Click Submit to view the report.
        The Settlement Report appears. 

     8. To view more details , click View.
The Transaction Wise Merchant Settlement Report appears and displays a
         day-wise summary of the transactions along with the following information:

  • Transaction Date/Time: The transaction date and time.

  • Airpay ID: The Airpay id of the merchant.  

  • Merchant Name: The name of the merchant. 

  • Customer Name: The name of the guest. 

  • Customer Email: The email address of the guest.

  • Customer Contact Number: The phone number of the guest. 

  • Bank: The name of the bank. 

  • Card Number: The card number of the guest. The card number will be crossed out. 

  • Payment Type: The type of payment done by the guest. Whether on POS or Online. 

  • Transaction Amount: The amount of the transaction. 

  • Transaction Currency: The currency of the transaction. 

  • Net Payable: The net amount payable to the merchant after the deduction of fees. 

  • Payout Currency: The currency in which the payout is made. 

  • Conversion Rate: The conversion rate if the collection currency and the payout currency are different. 

  • Payout Date: The date when the payout was deposited to the merchant’s bank account.

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