This article lists the steps you must take to collect payments from your guests by using the PAX D200 card reader. 

Before You Begin

  1. Ensure that you have added the PAX D200 card reader as a terminal in Zenoti.

  2. Ensure that you have configured the WiFI on the PAX D200 card reader

To perform a transaction

  1. Open Appointment Book.

  2. Open the context menu for a finished appointment and click Take Payment.

    The POS screen opens. The guest and the service details are auto-populated. 

3. On the Collect Payment screen, click Credit/Debit.
4. Ensure that you are selecting the appropriate terminal. Click Change to view all
    the listed terminals and select the appropriate terminal. 

   5. Click Add Payment.
        The Online Payment screen appears and prompts you to insert/swipe the card
         on the PAX D200 terminal.

    6. Insert or Swipe the card.

           The terminal will read the card reader and receive the payment
           information. The terminal then prompts you to enter the PIN for the card.
           Note: If you press the Cancel button during this process, the sale information
           is cleared and the card reader displays the home screen. You must click
           Add Payment
in Zenoti again to initiate the sale.

  7. Use the keypad to enter the PIN.
  8. Press the Enter button (with green circle on the keypad), to submit the PIN.
      The sale is done and the device will prompt you to send the invoice to the guest. 

   9. Tap Enter on the touchscreen.
        The invoice appears on the POS screen in Zenoti.
   10. To close the invoice, click the desired Close button (Print or Email).  

       You have successfully collected the payment using the card reader PAX
       D200 card reader and the Collect Payment screen will reflect the
       received amount. 

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