When you receive the terminal PAX D200, you must connect the terminal to your WiFi network to collect payments and to process transactions. This article lists the steps for configuring WiFi on the device.

Refer to the following image for a quick reference of the device:

To configure WiFi on PAX D200

  1. Turn on the device.The device boots up and after the boot up will display the following message on the screen: 

Note: This message appears because the device is not connected to a WiFi network. 

   2. Tap ENTER on the touchscreen.
       The device will now display the home screen.
   3. Tap Func.

     The Function screen appears
 4. Tap Setup and then tap Enter

   The device will prompt you to enter the Bank Password.
   Note: The Bank Password will be provided by Airpay. 

      The Term Setup screen appears.
  5. Tap Comm Para in the Term Setup screen and tap Enter

   6. Tap WiFi and press Enter.  
       The device will scan for available WiFi networks and display the same. 

  7. Select your WiFi network and press Enter.

    The device will prompt you to enter the WiFi password.

   8. Enter the password of the WiFi network and press Enter.
       The device will connect to the selected WiFi network and display the same. 

    9. Tap Enter to return to the home screen.
          You have successfully configured WiFi on PAX D200. 

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