Airpay is an integrated payment processor that specializes in providing multi-channel payment support. 

This article lists out the steps for configuring Airpay in Zenoti.

Note: Airpay is supported only in India.  


Before you proceed to configure Airpay for your organization or center in Zenoti, you must create an account with Airpay and have the following details ready:

  • Airpay Merchant Id

  • Airpay Secret Key

  • Airpay Username

  • Airpay Password

To configure Airpay

  1. If you are configuring Airpay at the organization level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings or if you are configuring Airpay at the center level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings at the center level.
    The Zenoti Payments Settings page opens. 

  2. The New Payment Setup screen opens.
    Recommended processors for your location appear.

  3.  Locate Airpay and click Setup.

  4. Enter the following information:

Note: Airpay will provide the below information.

  • Merchant Id: Enter your Airpay merchant id. This is generated by Airpay when you create your Airpay account.

  • Secret Key: Enter your Airpay secret key.

  • Username: Enter your Airpay username.

  • Password: Enter your Airpay password.

  5. Click Continue to Configuration to proceed with setting up
payment options, transaction types, and terminals. If you wish to configure
these settings later, click Finish Setup

Configure Transaction Types

Configure the following settings:

  • Terminal: Select this checkbox to allow terminal transactions (card reader transactions) on Zenoti Payments for your center or organization.

  • Online: Select this checkbox to allow online transactions for Webstore and CMA on Zenoti Payments.

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