While continuity in business is imperative, there's always a chance that due to unforeseeable events you may have to temporarily close your business. At times, you may have to operate at reduced hours due to prevailing local conditions.

In all such cases, it is a good idea to keep your guests informed. You can use the Announcement Banner on your Webstore or CMA to announce such business measures. This way, you ensure that guests do not book new appointments at such times.

Note: The Announcement Banner appears on every page of the Webstore. On the CMA this banner appears on the service and center selection screens.

To display the announcement banner

  1. At the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking.
    The Online Booking tab opens with three templates. 

   2. Select the Online Booking Setup template.
       The Online Booking Setup template opens.
   3. Scroll down to locate Announcement Banner.
   4. Select the Enable Announcement Banner checkbox.

          The Announcement Banner settings appear.

   5. Configure the following settings: 

  • Allow Center Override for Announcement Banner: Select this option if you want your centers to configure their individual announcement banners.
    Note: If you enable this setting, you must navigate to center Level > Admin > Organization > Centers > Online Booking > Webstore V2 Settings > Enable Announcement Banner and configure the text of the banner. 

  • Title of the Banner: Enter the title of the banner in the given text box. 

  • Body of the Banner: Enter the message or the text of the banner in the given text box. Tip: You can add bullet points to the text and also format the text as per your needs.
    Note: See the example that follows. 

  6. Click Save.
       You have successfully added the announcement banner.

When your guests open your Webstore, they will see the Announcement Banner on the top of every page. On the CMA, the Announcement Banner will be visible on the service selection and center selection screens. 



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