If you change your business hours or temporarily close your center, it’s important to let your guests know ahead of time that you are either canceling or rescheduling their appointments.

To effectively manage this process, you can do the following:

  1. Run the appointment details report: You can run the appointment details report and pull up the list of guests who have upcoming appointments, or identify guests whose appointments are outside your new business hours, their contact information, and the service they have booked.

  2. Reach out to the guests: It’s a good idea to call and let the guests know that you are canceling or rescheduling their appointment with the reasons why--they will understand!Alternatively, if your business uses Zenoti Connect, you can message the guest and let them know about the action you are taking.

  3. Waive cancellation fee: If you normally charge your guests a cancellation fee, it’s a good idea to waive the cancellation fee by applying a discount.

  4. Cancel or reschedule appointments: After you let your guests know about the cancellation or rescheduling, go ahead and change the appointment status to cancel or reschedule the appointment.
    Note: When you cancel or reschedule the appointments, a notification is sent out to the guest as per the cancellation or reschedule notifications your business has configured.

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