In the event that you are reducing the working hours or temporarily closing your center and to ensure your guests do not inadvertently book appointments (either online or by calling in) outside the new business hours or on the days you are closed, you must update employee schedules too. 

Important: Only users with the required permissions can access the Employee Schedule page. Administrators can access the permission from Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Name of the role such as Manager or HR Manager > Permissions tab > Employee Manager section > Other Settings > Schedule permission.
If you do not have access to this page, reach out to Zenoti Support.

Tip: To set up employee schedules, the easiest way is to first define an employee’s weekly schedule and then copy that schedule forward for any specified number of days, as required.

This article covers the following sections: 

Step 1: Set up the employee’s schedule for the day - marking Special Leave

Step 2: Set up the employee’s schedule for the week and copy the schedule forward 

Step 1: Set up an employee’s schedule for the day and indicate that the employee is on Special Leave

  1. At the center level, click the Employee icon. 

  2. Navigate to Employees > Schedule.
    Important: If your center has fewer than 50 employees, then Zenoti loads all the employees by default.If your center has more than 50 employees, you must first filter your employees based on Center (say, This Center), Job (say, Therapist), and Role (say, Senior Esthetician) to view a list of employees. 

    After you select from the filters, you can view a list of employees who match your         criteria - you can then proceed to set up their schedules.

3. Select the checkbox next to the name of the employee for whom you would like to      indicate unavailability and set it to Special Leave.  

4. Click Save.
    The employee schedule for the day is now set up and the employee is on Special         Leave.
    Next, you must define the days of the week that the employee is going to continue      on Special Leave due to business disruptions. See the next section for details.

Step 2: Set up the employee’s schedule for the week and copy the schedule forward

  1. Click the Week tab on the top right of your screen.
    The Week view appears.

  2. Select the employee and click the blocks for successive days (as required) and mark the employee as being on Special Leave.

   3. Click Save.  
       Zenoti saves the schedule that applies only for a single week. Next, you must                copy this schedule forward for any number of weeks as required.
   4. Click Copy.
       The Copy Employee Schedule window opens.
   5. Enter the number of weeks you want to copy the schedule forward to.
       Example: If you enter 2 weeks, Zenoti copies the employee's schedule for
       an additional 2 weeks. 

 6. Click Save & Copy. Zenoti copies and saves the employee schedule.
7. Repeat these steps for specific roles or for specific employees, as required.
8. Click Save.
    The employee's schedule is saved as the employee being on special leave and is        thereby not available on the Appointment Book. 

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