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The Quick Book panel on the Consumer Mobile App displays five unique appointments booked by the guest earlier. This allows your guests to quickly book any one of the past five appointments without following the entire booking flow.

The guests just need to select an available time slot. That’s it. All of the services, providers and add-ons (if any) are auto-selected based on the earlier preferences.  

Note: You cannot change the services included in the appointment.
For example, Sarah booked an appointment on February 2nd for Hair Wash and a Keratin Treatment. She uses the Quick Book panel and books an appointment on February 10th. Both the services (Hair Wash and Keratin treatment) will be added to the appointment. 

To Quick Book an appointment

  1. Log in to CMA.
    The home screen appears and displays the Quick Book panel.

      Select any one of the services displayed on the Quick Book panel. 

   2. Specify a date and time.
       Note: You cannot change the provider or add more services if you desire. To
       view more available time slots, you can also tap More.
       The Review Price screen appears.
   3. Review the price and click Book Appointment.
       You have booked the appointment.  

Rebook the Services

  1. Log in to CMA. 

  2. Tap the hamburger icon on the top left to open the menu. 

   3. Tap Appointments.
       The Upcoming and Past appointment tabs appear.
   4. Tap the Past appointments tab.
       The Past appointments tab appears along with two options. 

   5. Tap Rebook.
       The provider and the services are auto-populated.
       Note: You can change the provider or add more services if you desire.
   6. Specify a date and time.
   7. Tap Book Appointment.
       You have rebooked the appointment. 

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