Important: Your guests can only purchase Amount gift cards on the CMA.

Before You Begin

  • You must enable gift card sales for the CMA. 

  • You must have configured and set up gift cards for your organization in Zenoti. Learn how to set up gift cards for your organization

  • You must have also configured sales of gift cards at the center level.
    Learn how you can sell and redeem gift cards at the center level

  • You must provide images for the following:
    - Gift Card panel on the home screen
    - Marketing banner in the Gift Cards screen

Refer to the following images: 

 To purchase a gift card

  1. Launch the Consumer Mobile App. 

  2. Tap the Gift Card option

      The center selector appears.  
  3. Select the appropriate center.
      The Select a Gift Card screen appears.

   4. Select any of the listed amount gift cards or tap Custom to enter a
       custom amount. 

   5. Enter the following information:

  • Quantity: Specify the number of gift cards you want to purchase. 

  • Recipient Name: Enter the name of the recipient. 

  • Recipient Email: Enter the email address of the recipient. 

  • Occasion: Select an occasion for the gift card from the drop-down list. 

  • Gift Card template: Select an appropriate template for the gift card. 

  • Message: Enter the message that will appear on the gift card. 

  • Delivery Date: Select any one of the following:
    - Send Now: Select this option if you want to purchase the card and send it to
       the recipient’s email immediately.
    - Send Later: Select this option if you want to purchase the card now, but send
       it later.

  6. Tap Preview and Buy.
      The Preview and Summary screen opens.

   7. Check the preview and tap Proceed to Payment.
   8. If you do not have a saved card, tap Pay with New Card. If you have a saved
       card, select the card and proceed to step 10.
   9. Enter the card details.
  10. Tap Pay.
       The payment is made and you have successfully purchased an amount gift card. 

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