Consumer Mobile App allows your guests to rate the services that you provide to them and share the feedback on social media. The guests can rate you for your services, and also leave a comment about what they felt was good or bad about the service. This allows you to collect valuable feedback from your guests and also focus on the improvement areas. 

Before You Begin

To collect feedback on services

There are three ways for you to prompt your guests to give feedback. 

  • Push Notifications

  • Manual

  • In-app Prompt

Push Notifications

Example: Sandra, after finishing her Pedicure at your center, receives a notification asking her to rate the services. She takes the following steps:

  1. Sandra taps on the notification.
    The feedback screen appears, which consists of the appointment details and the name and photograph of the stylist (if uploaded).  

  2. Sandra rates the service 5 stars as she really liked your service.

          Additional options appear asking Sandra what she liked the most.
   3. Alternatively, if Sandra does not like the service and gives only a single star,
       she can specify the reason why she did not like the service and also leave
       a comment on how to improve the services.
       Note: After submitting the feedback, Sandra cannot change the feedback. 

   4. After Sandra gives her feedback, the feedback sharing screen appears where
      she can share the feedback on social media.

Note: If Sandra taps on any one of the social media icons, she is redirected to
the respective app. 


  1. Log in to CMA. 

  2. Tap the hamburger icon on the top left to open the menu. 

    3. Tap Appointments.
        The Upcoming and Past appointment tabs appear.
    4. Tap Past Appointments.

   5. Tap Feedback.
        The feedback screen opens and the guest can give her feedback accordingly.  

In-app Prompt

If Sandra takes the service and does not provide feedback, and if she opens the CMA later, she will see the following screen prompting to provide feedback for the services:

After giving the rating, she is redirected to the main feedback screen. Here she can complete the feedback. 

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