The Consumer Mobile App allows your guests to save their card details for a quicker and easier checkout experience.

The card details saved by your guests are used by the CMA for online payments.

To save the card on the CMA

  1. Log in to CMA.

  2. Tap the hamburger icon on the top left to open the menu. 

  3. On the menu, tap Account

     The Account screen opens.
   4. Scroll down to locate the option Payments.

     The Payments screen opens.
   5. Tap Add New Card.

      The card details screen opens. 

  6. Enter the following information:

  • Card Number: Enter the number of the card.

  • Expiry Date: Enter the expiry date of the card.

  • CVC/CVV: Enter the code printed on the backside of the card.

 7.  Tap Add Card.
      The details of the card are saved.
      Note: Some of the payment processors and regions mandate for an
      Address Verification System (AVS) check which requires the guests to enter
      their physical address while saving the card. This is done only once at the time
      of saving the card online.

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