Usually, when your guests enter your salon or center, the front desk has to manually check them in for an appointment.

The Self Check-in feature of the Consumer Mobile App allows your guests to self check-in when they are within 100 meter radius of your center, thereby eliminating the dependency on the front-desk staff to check-in guests.

Allowing your guests to self check-in on the CMA is a four-step process:

  1. Enable Self Check-In for your organization (Zenoti team)

  2. Enable Self Check-In for the centers (Zenoti team)

  3. Update geo-coordinates for your center (Admin on the customer side)

  4. Enable Self Check-in on the CMA (Guests)

Step 1: Enable Self Check-in for your organization.
Who does this step?: Reach out to the Zenoti team to enable the Self Check-in feature for your organization.

Step 2: Enable Self Check-in for the centers.
Who does this step?: Reach out to the Zenoti team to enable the Self Check-in feature for the centers.

Step 3: Update the geo-coordinates of your center.

Who does this step?: This step must be performed by the admin on the customer side

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers.

  3. Go to the Online Booking tab.

  4. Expand the Settings section.

  5. Enter your center’s coordinates in the Geo Latitude and Geo Longitude fields.
    CMA will allow your guests to self-check-in only when they are within 100 meters (non-configurable) of these coordinates. Learn how to add your center’s coordinates.

Step 4: Enable the Self Check-in feature on the CMA.

Who does this step?: This action is to be taken by the guest. Ensure they have the latest version of the app. (The version number is available at the bottom of the menu. To access the menu, tap the hamburger icon.) The guests will have to perform the following steps to enable Self Check-in.

  1. Log in to CMA.

  2. Tap the GO icon on the top right to open Set up GO.

  3. Tap Upgrade to GO.

The terms and conditions open.
4. Tap Agree.

Self Check-in set up opens.

5. Tap Enable Permissions, and then enable the following permissions:

- Location: The Location setting allows the CMA to determine if the guest
is within 100 meters of the center’s coordinates and allows them to check-in. Guests must provide ‘While Using the App’ location permission.

- Notification: Enable this setting to receive check-in push notifications.

After the guest enables self check-in, proceed to set up check out options.

6. Choose to enable Auto Pay or to pay using your phone every time. If you want to enable Auto Pay, tap Yes, enable Auto Pay.

Payment options set up opens.

7. Add card details, set default tip, and then tap Finish Set up.

A confirmation screen appears, letting you know what you can expect in the next appointment.

8. Tap Done.

9. You are upgraded to Zenoti GO.

How does it work?

  1. On the day of the appointment, the guest will receive two notifications:
    Check-in notification: This notification asks the guest to open the app and check-in if they are within the geofence.
    Check-in reminder: This reminder prompts the guest to open the app and check-in 5 minutes before the appointment start time.

2. The guest taps on the notification and the Appointment Details screen
opens with the option to Check-in.

3. The guest taps Check-in and the provider is immediately notified about
the guest’s arrival.

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