The Consumer Mobile App allows your guests to seamlessly book an appointment on the mobile device at their convenience.

In this article, you will learn the steps involved in booking an appointment on CMA.

To book an appointment

The following actions are taken by your guest:

  1. Open the CMA.
    The home screen appears and displays the following:
    Note: The information on the home screen varies based on the guest’s sign in.

   2. Select a service category.
       The Select a Service screen appears and displays all the available services.

  3. Select any one or multiple services.
      The Select a Center button appears.
      Note: You can change the text label that appears after “Select a” for this button.
      If you call your center as studio, you will see the text label for the button as
      Select a Studio
. If your center is called as a salon, you will see the text label
      for the button as Select a Salon

  4. Select a center from the Centers list.
      The Select a Therapist screen appears.

     5. Select a provider from the list.
     6. Tap Select Appointment Time.

       CMA displays all the available time slots for the day and for the selected provider.
       The Sign In to Complete button appears.
       Note: If you are already signed in, the Review Price screen appears.
       (Proceed to Step 9). 

   7. Tap Sign In to Complete.
   8. Enter the email id and password.
       The Review Price screen appears.

      9. Tap Book Appointment.
          The booking is done and the appointment confirmation screen appears. 

   10. You will see the following options on the confirmation screen: 

  • Add the appointment to your calendar: Tap the Calendar icon to add the appointment to your personal calendar.

  • Get directions: Tap the Directions icon to get the directions to the center. This will open the Maps application (Google Maps or Apple Maps) on your mobile device.

  • Enable Check-in Reminder: Enable this setting to receive a reminder as soon as you enter the premises of the center.
    Note: Zenoti Go should be configured for the organization to use the check-in reminder. 

  • Return to Home: Tap this button to return to the home screen. 

After booking the service, the home screen will display the Upcoming Appointments section.

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