This article lists and explains the frequently used words or terminology in Consumer Mobile App (CMA), thereby allowing you to understand their functionality. 

The following terms and their features are explained in this article: 

  • Self Check-In

  • Auto-pay

  • Self-pay

  • Quick Book

  • Geofence

Self Check-In

The Self Check-in feature of CMA allows your guests to check themselves in when they arrive at your center. 

Learn more about Self Check-In

Self Check-In is a part of Zenoti GO


Auto-pay allows for a seamless checkout experience for your guests and improves the operational efficiency of your front desk staff by eliminating the need to be present at the desk during the checkout. This allows your front desk staff to concentrate more on the guest experience and provide better service.

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Auto-Pay is a part of Zenoti Go


Self-pay is a truly contactless self-service payment module that allows your guests to make payments for the services online, from their saved card. Guests can make the payment any time after the services begin, without any assistance from the front desk or without the requirement of any physical terminal.

Note: To enable Self-pay, in Zenoti GO, when setting up check out experiences, a guest has to select No, Pay using my phone each time. After Self-pay is set up, the guest can make payments through Self-pay by tapping Pay Now in the Appointment section.

Quick Book

The Quick Book panel on CMA displays five unique appointments booked by the guest earlier. This allows the guest to book an appointment with a single tap. 

Learn how you can use the Quick Book


Geofence is a virtual boundary that you can specify around your center. CMA uses Geofence for determining if the guest is inside the center or within the specified boundary of the center and allows them to self check-in. 

Learn how you can enable Geofence for your center 

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