If you are a business owner or center manager, you can access Zenoti Mobile application from your mobile and manage the appointments at your convenience.
For example, you can be at home, a grocery store, or doctor's office, but still connect remotely to check the appointments scheduled for the day, edit or modify the appointments, and manage guest details. 

What will not work outside the geofence?

If an employee is outside the specified radius, the employee will not have access to all of the functionalities of Zenoti Mobile. However, if you want your employees to access appointments data when they are outside of Geofence range, you need to do the following: 

  • Enable the Can access all data outside geofence region on Zenoti Mobile setting for an employee role permission (click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Security Roles > select a role > General tab).

  • Enable the Allow check-in from mobile setting at the organization level (click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations > Settings tab > Zenoti Mobile section). 

Employees who have the appropriate permissions enabled can perform the following actions when outside the Geofence range except check-in or check-out. 

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