Before you Begin

In your iPad settings, ensure that you set Auto-Lock to 'Never' so that the device does not get locked while processing a payment on mirror mode.
To set Auto-Lock as 'Never': On your iPad, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > set to 'Never'.  

Steps to Set Up Mirror Mode 

  1. Ensure you have completed the Zenoti Payment or Vantiv triPOS Cloud setup.

  2. Mirror mode must be enabled to your organization.
    Note: You must have at least one active cash register at the center level to mirror an invoice. Click here to learn how to add a cash register.

  3. Launch the Zenoti Mobile POS on iPad. Select a cash register, and turn mirror mode on.

Enable Mirror Mode 

  1. Contact Zenoti support to enable the invoice mirroring on Zenoti Mobile for your organization. 

  2. Select the Enable invoice mirroring for mobile POS checkbox (if not already selected).

   3. At the center level, click the Admin icon, and navigate to Setup > Cash Register. You will see the list of cash registers.

   4. Click the cash register that you wish to turn mirror mode on.
       The cash register properties open.
       Note: You can turn mirror mode on for any number of cash registers.
       All the cash registers for which you turn mirror mode on become available
       for mirroring on Zenoti Mobile POS. You can choose the cash register
       whose invoice you wish to mirror.

   5. Select the Enable Invoice Mirroring checkbox (if not already selected)
       and click Save.

   6. (Optional) Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the cash registers you wish to
       turn mirror mode on.

   7. On your iPad, launch Zenoti Mobile POS and tap Settings.
       The Settings page opens.

   8. Tap Cash Register. The list of cash registers that you turned mirror mode
       on for (in Steps 4 and 5) appears.

   9. Tap the cash register whose invoice you wish to mirror.
       You will come back to the Settings page.

   10. On the Settings page, tap Mirror mode

   11. Tap Switch to Mirror Mode.
       The mirror mode is turned on.

   You can now accept card payments in mirror mode when using either
   Zenoti Payments or Vantiv triPOS Cloud.
   Note: If you wish to mirror an invoice from another cash register,
   you must repeat steps from 7 to 11.

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