When an employee resigns from your business, we advise you to terminate the employment (by adding an End Date in the employee record) rather than delete the employee record entirely. 

This way, you retain employee records for future reference and for compliance with local laws or policies. 

Warning: Once you delete an employee profile, you will lose the employee's payroll information, service history, and employment details.

What are the advantages of terminating employment (over deleting an employee profile)?

If you terminate employment using End Date:

  • The employee's payroll and commission details are not deleted - the employee continues to appear in reports. You can pull up these reports for reference at any time. 

  • If an employee has any appointments after the End Date, the employee appears on the Appointment Book - your front-desk staff must move such appointments to other providers. 

When should you delete an employee record?

You must delete an employee record if you have duplicate records. Possibly the name of the therapist is spelt differently or perhaps, the mobile number is different between two or more records? If this is the case, identify the accurate employee record and delete the duplicate one.

To delete an employee go to Employee > Employees> Name of the employee > Delete (button). 

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