If you have a product that is temporarily not in use, you can go ahead and mark it inactive for your center and remove the vendor-product association. This means, that the product will not be available for your center for any inventory-related transaction.

Important: If you want to delete a product permanently, you can do that at the org level.

Mark a product inactive for your center

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Products.
    The Manage Products page appear.

3. Search for the product by its name or tag.
4. Click the product name.
    The product details open for editing.
5. Click the Price tab.

6. Clear the checkbox for your center.

Caution: If you have raised a purchase order for the product or you are running an audit, you cannot make the product inactive. You must wait until these transactions are complete.

7. Click Save.
   The product is now deactivated for your center.

Remove Vendor-Product Association

After you have made the product inactive for your center, you must also remove the vendor-product association.

  1. Ensure that you are the center level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Resources > Vendors.
    The Manage Vendors page appears.

3. Click the vendor that is associated with the product.
    The vendor details open for editing.

4. Click the Products tab.
    The list of products associated with the vendor appear.

5. Search the product you want to disassociate.

6. Click the delete button for the product.
    The product is disassociated from the vendor.

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