The reason you are not seeing the product on the purchase order page is because of following reasons:

  • Vendor-Product Association is Missing
    The product is not associated with the vendor you've selected on the purchase order page.
    Here's how you can associate a product to a vendor.

  • Product is Inactive in Your Center
    To mark the product as active, follow these steps:
      1. Navigate to the product page as follows: Admin > Resources > Products >              click Add to add a new product or click the name of the product you want to          edit.
         The General tab opens.
      2. Enter the general details of the product and click Next, or simply click the              Price tab if you want to edit the price details.|
      3. On the Price tab, complete the following actions: 

  • Center Name: Select your center name.

  • Tax Included: Select this checkbox to include the tax in the list price itself.
    : If your list price of a product is $100 and percentage tax in the assigned tax group is 5%:  
    - If you select the Tax Included checkbox - the list price becomes inclusive of tax     and the list price of the product appears as $105.  
     - If you do not select the Tax Included checkbox, the 5% tax is added     additionally to the sale price. On invoice, the price of the product appears as     $100 and $5 as tax.

  • Tax Group: Select the appropriate tax group for the product from the drop-down list.
    : To have a tax group listed in the drop-down, you must associate it to your center.

  • Sale Price: Enter the price at which you want to sell this product, which is inclusive of tax if the Tax Included option is selected.

4. Click Save.
    The product is made available or active in your center.

Recommendation: You can also set the reorder levels for the product if you want to be notified when the product is running low stock and you want to purchase the product. 

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