Reconciliation is the process of comparing the expected inventory and the actual inventory. It provides the manager with data to follow up with staff and act on discrepancies. After the Inventory Manager submits the stock count data to you, you must reconcile it.

After you reconcile an audit, you might sometimes need to edit the reconciliation. Let’s say that you reconciled an audit you received stock at your center, 

Important: After you edit a reconciliation, and your business has enabled approvals for reconciliations with unaccounted stock quantities more than the threshold limit, the reconciliation is automatically sent for approval. Also, when the reconciliation is sent for approval, the inventory manager is not allowed to do another audit unless the reconciliation is approved.

Based on your role permission, Zenoti allows you to edit a reconciliation.

To edit a reconciliation

  1. Ensure you are the center for which you want to edit a reconciliation.

  2. On the main menu, click the Reports icon.

  3. Go to Inventory > Audit History.

  4. Select the List of Audits report.

  5. Generate the report with the desired criteria.

6. Click Edit for the reconciliation you want to edit.
    Note: The edits might be limited if you do not have the Edit permission your role or       your business has enabled the financial lock or edit lock.

    The edit window appears. 

6. Enter the desired reconciliation date in the Reconcile date box.

Important: You can edit the audit date until the last audit date not beyond that.

7. Enter any notes in the Comments box that you want to make to keep for records.
8. Click Save.
9. If you want to edit the stock counts, you can make the necessary changes.
10. If you want to save the changes and not submit the changes right away, click Save      Changes.
11. Click Update Reconcile to update the reconciliation. If your business has enabled        approval for reconciliations with unaccounted stock quantities more than the                threshold limit, the reconciliation is automatically sent for approval.

Next Step

Similar to a reconciliation that you normally do by navigating to Inventory > Reconcile, when you edit a reconciliation and if your business has enabled approval, you must wait until the reconciliation is approved.

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