Audit is the process of physically counting each product in the warehouse. By performing regular stock counts, you can identify pilferage and protect your inventory while ensuring that there are no stock-outs and spills. 

If you are the inventory manager for your center, you come across situations where you might have submitted an incomplete/incorrect audit, selected the wrong center for audit, or missed counting few products. 

To handle such situations, based on role permissions, Zenoti allows you to edit an audit and change details such as audit date and stock quantity.
Note: You cannot delete an audit after it is submitted. 

Moreover, if you do not have the permission to edit an audit and you want to edit the audited stock quantities, you can ask your manager to adjust the quantities during reconciliation. 

Important: After you edit an audit, you must submit it for reconciliation, which is similar to the way you do a usual audit-reconciliation. Also, after you re-submit an audit for reconciliation, you are not allowed to do another audit (for the same product type) unless the edits are reconciled.

Restrictions on Editing an Audit

If your business has enabled the financial lock to control edits to financial transactions beyond a set time period, or Zenoti has enabled the edit lock (90 days restriction) for your business, irrespective of the role permissions, you cannot edit audit details beyond the allowed period.

To edit an audit

  1. At the center level, click the Reports icon.

  2. Navigate to Inventory > Audit History.

  3. Select the List of Audits report.

  4. Generate the report with the desired criteria.

5. Click Edit for the audit you want to edit.
    Note: The edits might be limited if you do not have the Edit permission or Audit_         Back_Date permission enabled for your role. Also, you cannot edit an audit if your       business has enabled the financial lock or the edit lock.

    The edit window appears.

6. Enter the desired audit date in the Audit date box.

Important: You can edit the audit date until the last audit date not beyond that.

7. Enter any notes in the Comments box that you want your manager to consider             while reconciling the audit.
    Note: If you do not have the Audit_Back_Date permission, you will not see the             Audit date and Comments boxes.

8. Click Save.

9. If you missed entering the stock count for a product or you entered the stock count incorrectly, you can make the necessary changes.

10. If you want to save the changes and not submit the audit with the changes, click           Save Changes.

11. Click Submit Audit to submit the audit for reconciliation.

Next Step

Similar to an audit that you do normally by navigating to Inventory > Audit, when you edit an audit and resubmit it, you must edit the reconciliation on the Audit History report.

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