Guests can buy a package that offers a group of services at a discounted price. In Zenoti, as a business owner, you can create packages such as Day, Promotional, Series, or Custom based on your business requirement.
For example, a Day package must be used in a day and may have services such as say, hair cut and a facial.
A Series package, on the other hand, can be used over longer durations and over multiple visits. For example, a slimming package.

When guests book services that are part of a  package, Zenoti automatically applies the package benefits in the invoice during checkout. For example, a guest, Anna, has taken the service, ‘Aroma Body Massage’. This service is part of the package, ‘Body Massage’, the guest has purchased previously.
Important: If the package was created and sold on the same day, Zenoti cannot apply the package benefits in the invoice generated on the same day.
To apply benefits, you need to select the a previous date (backdate) the redemption date. 

When the front-desk staff clicks Take Payment from the context menu, the following invoice page appears and shows how Zenoti applies the package benefit automatically.

Sometimes, the front-desk staff may want to manually apply the package in the invoice and redeem the benefit.  

To manually redeem package benefits

1. Locate the appointment on the Appointment Book.
2. Click the appropriate appointment slot and select Take Payment manually from the context menu.  The invoice page appears. 

3. Click the Packages list, select a package, and click the Apply icon.
Zenoti applies the package benefits.

5. To collect additional payments, select the payment method.
6. Click Add Payment.
7. Click Close Invoice.
You have successfully redeemed package benefits for your guest. 
Note: Guests do not have to pay for a package purchased during a campaign.

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