There might be instances when a guest may want to return an item purchased at your center and ask for a refund. In Zenoti Mobile, you can initiate a refund for a particular item or multiple items based on the guest’s request. 

You can refund by using one or more payment types or by issuing store credits (prepaid card). 

Important: To be able to refund, you must have the required permissions. It is enabled by default for administrators and owners. An administrator can set the permissions for a role at the organization level by accessing Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Role Name > Permissions tab > Appointment Book > Service Refund.

To open the invoice 

1. From the Zenoti Mobile, tap the POS tab.
2. Tap the Close tab.

    All closed invoices appear.
3. To search the invoice, scroll down to the invoice or in the Invoice #, Guest name
     box, enter the invoice number or the guest name. 

4. To open the receipt, tap the invoice.
     The Receipt screen appears. 

5. Tap Refund

     The Refund screen appears. 

6. Select the item and enter the amount you want to refund for the guest. 

     The Close Membership window appears.
7. (Optional) Tap Close Membership and enter your comments.

8. Tap Save.
    The Refund screen appears and, at the bottom of the screen, it displays the total
    amount you want to refund to the guest.
9. Tap to select the item you want to refund.
10. Tap Proceed

11. Choose how you want to refund the payment by tapping one of the following tabs: 

  • Payment Methods tab: You can choose one or multiple forms of payment methods to refund.  Note: You will only see the payment types enabled for your role at the organization level.
    - Cash: Select this option to refund as cash.
       Enter the item amount you want to refund. You can also refund the tip amount.  
    - Check: Select this option to refund in the form of a check.
      Enter the check number, bank name, check date, and the item and tip amount to
    - Credit Card: Select this option to refund the amount to the guest’s card on file.    
      You need to select the card and enter the amount to refund. Enter the item and
       tip amount you want to refund.
    - Custom: Select this option to refund the amount in the form of custom payments
      such as PayPal or PayTm. Enter the amount to refund. 

  • Prepaid Card tab: You can refund the amount in the form of store credits.
    You can see the equal amount of store credits to be refunded. A prepaid card number is generated automatically.

Notes: If you are using a gift card or a credit card as the payment type for a guest, you can only refund the amount directly to the card that was used to pay towards the service.
For integrated credit processing, you don’t need to enter the card details since Zenoti automatically refunds the amount to the card from which the amount was received. However, if the payment was made through a debit card, you will receive an alert to swipe the debit card after which Zenoti completes the refund process. 

12. Tap Refund.
    The Take Payment screen appears and displays the refunded amount details.  

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