The POS screen in Zenoti Mobile allows you (as the front-desk staff) to search the invoices generated at your center. You can see the invoices for the current or past dates.  

To search for an invoice for the current day

1. From Zenoti Mobile, tap the POS tab.
    The Invoices screen appears and you can see the following tabs: 

  • All: Lists all the invoices. 

  • Open: Lists all open invoices. You can add retail items or collect payment on these invoices. 

  • Close: Lists all closed invoices. You can rebook, reopen, email, print, or refund these invoices. 

  • Cancelled: Lists all cancelled appointments.   

  • No Show: Lists all of the no-show appointments. 

2. Search for an invoice by entering the invoice number or the guest’s name in the  
    Today’s Sales - Invoice #, Guest name box. 

    The search result appears. 

To search an invoice for a past date

1. From Zenoti Mobile, tap the POS tab.
   The Invoices screen appears.
2. On the top right-hand corner of the Invoices screen, tap the icon.

    The Invoice Search window appears.

3. To search for an invoice, in the Invoice # box, enter the invoice number.
    The search result appears.
4. Tap the invoice to view the details. You can also perform actions based on your    
     requirements in the open or closed invoice. 

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