You may want to charge different rates for a service depending on the experience and popularity of a therapist. Zenoti’s Price Scaling feature lets you set it up such that you can charge different rates for different therapists. 

Example: Let’s say your business charges $100 for a haircut. However, you would like to set it up so that when a senior hairstylist performs the services, it costs $130, while the service costs $100 when performed by a junior hairstylist. You can define this higher amount as an absolute amount ($130) or as a percentage (30%). When you choose to define this higher service amount as a percentage it is called the Price Scaling factor. 

You can configure these options for different pricing for the same service from Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Employee > Employee Service Pricing (percentage override or absolute amount). Read: Specifying Services an Employee Can Perform - Advanced Concepts

Price Scaling in Zenoti Mobile

When you (as a front-desk staff) select a service and add-on for a guest, the default price appears. When you select a specific provider with price scaling, Zenoti automatically updates the price change. You can inform the guest about this price change before confirming the appointment. 

The following GIF shows you the price change when booking an appointment. 

Price Scaling Exception when a Specific Provider is Not Selected

In Zenoti, you can enable the organization level setting, Enforce service base price for bookings without provider preference, (after talking to Zenoti Support) to make sure the guest is charged only the base price for a service when the Therapist is selected as Any, Any Male, Any Female, or Other.

In such a case, the price you see for a provider reflects the base price for the service and not the scaled price for the provider.

Example: Assume a guest takes the Hair Styling service (base price $120). The above-mentioned organization level setting is ON and for a provider, the Therapist is selected as Any, Any Male, Any Female, or Other while booking an appointment.

Let's say Amanda is a senior stylist and has price scaling set to $150.

If the guest does not request specifically for Amanda, the service price shows as $120 (which is the base price).
However, if the guest requests for Amanda specifically (Therapist is set to Specific Provider), the service price shows as $150 (provider scaled price).

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