Edit lock is a fixed lock of 90 days enabled by default by Zenoti, which restricts changes on invoices beyond 90 days in the past from today’s date. In addition to the changes that the financial lock restricts on invoices, the edit also restricts the following two additional actions:

  • Add items to the invoice

  • Update payment type

Example 1: Change date of a closed invoice

Consider a scenario where the front-desk staff has sold a service on 2nd Feb 2020 and collected payment for the invoice on Feb 26th 2020. If the edit lock is enabled for your business, the front-desk staff cannot change the date prior to Nov 29th 2019.

Example 2: Change the payment type of a closed invoice

Your front-desk staff can see the edit option for payment type on invoices only up to 90 days in the past from today’s date.

If the front-desk staff tries to edit an invoice to change the payment type beyond 90-day edit lock period, they will not see the edit icon for the payment. 

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