Businesses sometimes need to make edits to their inventory data to reflect the actual data. 

Let’s say an inventory manager ordered 25 bottles of hair shampoo but received 30 bottles (as the vendor offered a better discount on a set of 30 bottles). In this case, the manager must update the delivered quantity in the purchase order. Similarly, the inventory manager may want to edit the date on which a product was converted from retail to consumable in case of product shortage.

While these actions are critical to your inventory management process, it is equally important for you to restrict endless changes to the data. With each edit, there is a chance of a discrepancy.

It is to avoid such discrepancies that Zenoti enforces the edit lock for your business by default.

Edit lock is a fixed lock that restricts the following actions on inventory data for up to 90 days in the past from today’s date:

  • Update the delivered item quantity in purchase order and transfer order

  • Delete the delivered item from the purchase order and transfer order

  • Update the delivered date for purchase order and transfer order 

  • Update the audit date 

  • Update the audited product quantities

  • Update the reconciliation date

  • Update the reconciled product quantities

  • Update the checkout date and checkout quantity 

  • Clear the Checkout for consumption checkbox that you may have selected during checkout for consumables

  • Update the conversion date and conversion quantity

Example 1: Backdate audit date

The inventory manager can edit the audit date up to 90 days in the past only if one of the following is true:

  • The financial lock is set to more than 90 days

  • The last audit date is more than 90 days

Example 2: Edit delivery date of a purchase order
The inventory manager can edit the delivery date of a purchase order for up to only 90 days in the past.

Also, when the edit lock is enabled, fields such as Invoice# and Notes will not be displayed on the Purchase Order page.

Example 3: Sync sale orders from Shopify

When the edit lock is enabled for your business, your staff cannot select a sync date that is more than 90 days in the past from today’s date for both manual sync and scheduled sync.
Note: The lock has no impact on the automatic syncs that Zenoti does.

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