Creating an account on Webstore V2 allows your guests to check their membership status, view past appointments, and also check their loyalty points.

In this article, you will see the steps involved in creating an account for a new guest.

To create a guest account

  1. Open a browser of your choice and navigate to the Webstore V2 by entering the URL.
    The Webstore V2 home page opens. 

  2. From the main menu, click Sign In

The Sign in or create account page opens. 

    3. Enter your email id or username.
        Webstore V2 checks if you are an existing user or a new user. If you are an
        existing user, the Webstore V2 prompts you to enter the password. If you are a
        new user, the Webstore V2 prompts you to create an account. The Create
        account page opens.

    4. Enter the following details: 

  • First Name: Enter your first name.

  • Last Name: Enter your last name.

  • Email: Enter your email address.
    All the transactional emails will be sent to this email address.

  • Mobile Phone: Enter your mobile number.
    Note: The country code for the mobile number is auto-populated based on the settings at the organization level. For example, if the organization has set the country to Australia, the Mobile Phone field will display the country as Australia by default.

  • Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth.
    Select the month from the Month drop-down list and enter the Day and Year manually.

  • Gender: To specify your gender, select the appropriate option.

  • Password: Enter your password.

  • Confirm Password: Enter your password again.

  • Marketing Email Preference: Specify how you want to receive marketing information.

 5. Click Create account.
     You have successfully created a guest account on the Webstore.

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