Businesses allow employees to view, edit, and to some extent even delete past data. For example, with the appropriate permissions, the inventory manager can edit purchase orders or checkouts, or the front-desk staff or managers can modify past invoices. This can lead to discrepancies in the data. 

To avoid this, you may want to restrict the ability to change the information. 

Edit lock is an option that is enabled by Zenoti by default for your business. It restricts edits to your financial and inventory-related data only for a fixed period of 90 days in the past from today’s date. 

For example, if the edit lock is enabled for your business on 1st January 2020, you cannot edit or delete financial and inventory-related entries made before 3rd October 2019.

In Zenoti, you can also have a financial lock enabled for your business. The difference between the edit lock and financial lock is that the financial lock is a decision made by your business to restrict changes for the configured duration (which can be less than 90 days), while the edit lock is enabled by Zenoti for your business to restrict changes for a fixed period of 90 days. 

Important Points

  • If your business has both the locks enabled, Zenoti gives precedence to the financial lock.

  • If the edit lock is enabled for your business, the financial lock cannot be set to more than 90 days.

For example, if the financial lock is for 10 days and the edit lock is for 90 days, Zenoti gives precedence to the financial lock as its duration is lesser than the duration of the edit lock. 

To learn more about which lock takes precedence when both of them are enabled, read our help article on the difference between financial lock and edit lock.

Enable the Lock

Follow these steps to enable the 90-days edit lock:

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Settings tab and expand General.

4. Select the Limit Editing of Financial & Inventory transactions to 90 days in the past checkbox.

A confirmation dialog box appears.

5. Read the confirmation message and if you agree, click Confirm.
The lock is enabled and you cannot disable the lock as the setting is selected and greyed out.

Impacted Areas

Important Points:

You must enable this lock to view the following:

  • Inventory data sources in Analytics.

When the edit lock is enabled for your business, it impacts the following areas:

  • Financials 

  • Inventory

  • APIs
    The following APIs are impacted by the edit lock:
    - Create Invoice
    - Add Product
    - Add Membership
    - Add Packages
    - Add Service
    - Add Gift Card- Delete Product
    - Delete Membership
    - Delete Package
    - Delete Service
    - Delete Gift Card

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