Center managers may wish to track additional details about providers or physicians such as their DEA registration number or their state license number. It is possible that the corresponding documents are valid only for a certain duration (say, 2-3 years). It is a good idea, therefore, to track the expiry of such dates to ensure better compliance with industry standards.

Business owners or administrators can customize the fields, Additional Field (1 and 2) and Additional Date Filed (1 and 2) at the organizational level with appropriate labels to suit their business. 

For example, if you are a business owner, you can configure these fields as State License Number and DEA Registration Number. Similarly, you can configure the additional date fields as State License Expiry Date and DEA Registration Number Expiry Date, respectively. 

Employee profiles across centers show these additional details as separate fields. Center-level managers can enter these details for each employee and track expiry dates by exporting the list of employees. 

To configure additional details for providers

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Go to the Settings tab

  4. Expand the Employee section. 

  5. Configure appropriate labels for the fields Additional Field 1, Additional Field 2, Additional Date Field 1, and Additional Date Field 2.
    Example: State License/Certification Number, DEA Registration Number, State License Expiry Date, and DEA Registration Number Expiry Date. 

  6. Click Save.
    The General tab of employee profiles show these additional details as separate fields. Center-level managers can enter the relevant information for each employee.
    When they export the list of employees, the details of additional fields are exported too - making it easy for center level managers to track such details. 

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