Before you start performing any action on a product, you must first make it available or make it active for your center. Usually, your warehouse admin does this for all the centers. However, if you are a franchised business, you can go ahead and do so.

To mark a product available or active

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Products.
    The Manage Products page appears.

3. From the active/inactive filter, select Inactive in all centers.
    A list if products that are inactive in your center is displayed.

4. Search for the product by its name.

5. Click the product name.
    The product details are displayed.

6. Navigate to the Price tab.
    The fields in the Price tab are displayed.

7. Select the checkbox that is just before your center name.
8. Select the Tax Included checkbox if you want to include the tax amount in the sale        price. Also, select the desired tax group.
9. Enter the price at which you will sell this to your guests.
    Note: This is not the price at which you purchased the product from the vendor. 

10. Set the alert and order levels for the product that will help Zenoti create an auto-         purchase order for you.

11. Enter the price at which you wish to transfer the products to other centers. Also,            select the transfer tax group, if applicable (the center is in another region).

12. Click Save.
     The product is marked available in your center.

Next Step

Associate the product to at least one vendor to raise a purchase order for the product.

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