Learn how to set up member pricing for services

Important: This feature is not available to all customers. To enable this feature, please contact the Support team. 

Businesses typically offer services at a discount to members. This is done by configuring discounts for each applicable service at the individual membership level. This works well for businesses that offer services at different discounted rates for different memberships (for example, a facial at 10% off with a monthly membership versus at 8% off for a quarterly membership). This is the Member Discounts model. 

Apart from this, Zenoti also allows centers to configure member pricing for each location. For instance, a facial could be offered to members at a certain price at one location and the same service for the same membership might be offered at a different price at another location. This is the Member Pricing model.

Important: You must choose the membership model you want to use before you create any memberships. 

You cannot have both the models active at the same time. 

Note: To switch from one model to the other, you must not have any memberships using the model from which you want to switch. For example, if you want to switch from the Member Discounts model to the Member Pricing model, you must not have any memberships that use the Member Discounts model. If you do, you must delete those memberships. To make the actual switch, contact the Zenoti Support team.

To set up member pricing for services across different centers:

  1. At the organization level, go the Manage Services page. (Admin > Resources > Services)

  2. In the Name column, click the service for which you want to set up the member pricing.
    The Edit Service page opens.

  3. Go to the Centers tab.

  4. In the Member Price column, for each center, enter the member price for the service.

  5. Click Save.

Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each service for which you want to set up member pricing. 

If member price is not configured for a service, the sale price will be considered as the member price. Where member price is configured, it replaces sale price for the service when availed by a member. 

Once you have set up member pricing, it will appear at all locations where sale price appears, such as:

  • Appointment Book: In the bottom panel, once you have selected the guest. 

  • Book Multiple Services page

  • Employee Details page

  • Active Membership page

  • Update Price Check page

For example, for the organization shown here, in the Chestnut Hill center, we have set the Member Price for the Bridal Makeup service to $300, while the Sale Price is $346.98.

When you make the sale to a non-member, Zenoti shows the Sale Price for the service.

When you make the sale to a member, Zenoti shows the Member Price for the service.

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