Guests for your business may book an appointment or walk-in to take services at your center. Zenoti Mobile gives you the convenience of collecting payment for the appointment before starting the service or after the completion of the service.
Note: The option to collect payment is not yet available in the Android version.

To collect payment 

1. From the Zenoti Mobile, book an appointment.
2. Tap the appointment.
    The Appointment Details screen appears.
3. Tap Proceed for Payment

    The Take Payment screen appears and shows the total amount. This may include  
    tips, discounts, SSG, tax, and other payment details configured for your business.
    Alternatively, you can also open the POS tab and tap +Add more.  This allows you
    to add retails products in the Take Payment screen.
4. (Optional) To edit service price or quantity, swipe the service to the left to open the
    edit option.

    Note: Only employees with Allow front desk to change the sale price and Allow    
    front desk to increase sale price permissions enabled can edit the service price in

5. Tap Take Payment and select the payment modes based on guest preference.
    Note: You can define a default custom payment option for your center, this option is selected by default when the front-desk staff uses the Custom tab in the POS
    screen for the guest.
6. Tap Close Invoice.
    Hint: To print the invoice, tap Close And Print. To email the invoice for the guest tap Close And Email

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