You can sell membership directly from POS or upsell during check-out. When a guest walks-in to take a service, the membership is redeemed automatically. However, you can also manually apply membership benefits in the invoice for the guest. 

Note: If the Restrict redemptions to the center at which membership is sold setting is enabled when creating a membership at the organization level, that membership redemption is restricted only to the center at which it was sold.

Automatically Applied Benefits

In the following image, you can see how the membership benefits are applied in the invoice for a guest during checkout. 

To manually apply membership benefits

1. From the Zenoti Mobile, tap Appointments tab.
2. Tap Proceed for Payment.
   The Take Payment screen appears.
3. To apply membership benefits, tap Membership

The Benefits (default) and Payments tabs appear.
4. From the Select Membership list in the Benefits tab, select a membership.
5. Tap Apply.
    The benefits are applied in the invoice.
6 From the Select Membership list in Payments tab, select a membership.
   The Pay field appears.
7. To enter the amount you can redeem for the invoice, type the amount in the Pay

8. Tap Collect.
    Note: If the membership is tax inclusive, any redemption applied for a guest    
   appears in the Redemption column in the Take Payment screen. 

To know if the membership is tax exclusive, tap the info icon next to Paid to view details.

9. To collect any remaining amount, tap Take Payment and use the payment    
    modes based on the guest’s preference.

10. Tap Close Invoice.
    Hint: To print the invoice, tap Close And Print. To email the invoice for the guest tap      Close And Email.

Split Redemption

You can also split the amount redeemed in membership between the services and products if configured at the organization level. 

The following image shows the options available when you select a membership to split redemption of benefits among products and services purchased by your guest.

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