There are different packages such as Series or Promo Packages that you can configure in Zenoti and sell from Zenoti Mobile. Some packages may contain a set of services, products, or both that are usually sold at a discounted price. Since packages have an expiry date, guests must use these before they expire.

Before you Begin

Important: When you sell a package from the POS (Point of Sale) or during checkout, guests can use the package only after full or partial payment. The organization level setting Enable redemptions on open package (Admin> Organization > Organizations > Organizations > Settings > Packages) controls whether guests can make partial payments towards packages and redeem package benefits.

Make sure you have set up the following packages at the organization level for sale: 

  • Promo packages: These are short-term, promotional packages that are sold as part of a promotional event or during a special occasion to attract customers on special days. All services in a promo package must be consumed in a single day. For example, create Valentine’s package that can be used on any single day from Feb 1st to Feb 14.

  • Series packages: Series packages contain services that are used over multiple visits and may include bundled and free products. For example, a bariatric clinic offers 12 sessions of slimming treatments (each treatment separated by fortnight),  three bundled products and two free products. Setting up bundled products lets you decide which you want to sell with the package during billing.
    Note: When creating packages, if you have enabled Restrict redemptions to the center at which package is sold setting, you can restrict the redemption of a package to the center at which they are sold. 

To sell a package

1. From Zenoti Mobile, tap Proceed for Payment.
: If you are selling directly to a guest, tap the POS tab and select the guest.
2. Tap the Packages tab.
    The list of packages available at your center appears.

3. To add a package to the invoice, tap + icon against the package.
    The package is added to the invoice.
    Note: Sometimes as per configuration, you can add products or items related to the
    package in the Package Group screen appears. The list of items you add to a
   package is configured at the organization level.
   To add the items to the package tap Add to Invoice.

4. Tap Take Payment.
    The Take Payment screen appears. 

5. Tap Add Payment.
    Zenoti processes the payment to the invoice.

6. Tap Close Invoice.
    Hint: To print the invoice, tap Close And Print. To email the invoice for the guest tap
    Close And Email

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