In Zenoti Mobile, you can upsell products, such as retail items, membership, packages, gift cards, or prepaid cards to a guest during or after the appointment.

While taking the payment for the services provided, you can bill the product along with the services. In that case, you can sell the product from Appointment Book while collecting the payment.

Note: The ability to sell items from POS is available only on iOS. To enable this feature for your device, contact Zenoti Support.  

To Sell a Product While Collecting Payment for a Service

1. In Appointment Book, tap the guest’s appointment.
2. From the Appointment Details window, tap +Add More

The Add More screen appears. The Products tab opens by default. 

3. In the Product tab, do the following: 

  • Scroll to locate the product. Alternatively, you can either enter the product name in the search box or tap the bar code scanner to scan the barcode to identify and add the product.

Hint: To view or hide the products within a category, tap Show or Hide, respectively. For example: To view the products under Hair Care category, tap the corresponding Show. 

  • To add the product to the invoice, tap the plus icon. 

  • (Optional) To increase the quantity, tap the pencil icon.
    The Edit screen appears.

  • Enter the number of units of sale and select the employee who sold the product.
    Note: Zenoti selects the provider performing the service by default. 

  • Tap Save.
    Zenoti adds the product to the invoice.

4. (Optional) If there is an active marketing campaign going on for the product or if the
    guest has a discount or a custom coupon that is redeemable for the product, tap
    The window to apply a campaign or discount appears.
10. Depending on the type of benefit you want to apply for the guest, do one of the

  • Campaign: In the Campaign tab, scroll and select the campaign coupon or enter the campaign coupon name or number in the search box and tap Apply.

  • Discount: In the Discount tab, select a discount percentage and then tap Apply Discount

    Hint: You can enter more products or services and proceed to collect payment as
    you do with regular appointments. 

6. Tap Take Payment and chose the payment method based on the guest’s

7. Tap Close Invoice.
   Hint: To print the invoice, tap Close And Print. To email the invoice for the guest tap
   Close And Email

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