Using the Calendar View you (as a front-desk staff) can perform appointment-related actions such as edit the appointment status, edit appointment, or track consumables. Depending on your role permission, you can also perform employee-related actions such as view the scheduled for all the providers, check-in or check-out employees, manage the block-out time for an employee, or change the status of an appointment. 

The touch and hold gesture allows you to interact and access additional functionality in the Calendar View

Actions in Calendar View

You can perform the following actions depending on your role permissions:
> Appointment-related Actions 

  • Change the appointment status: To view the options that change the appointment status, tap the ellipsis icon (...).The options to perform the following actions appear:
    - Confirm: To confirm the appointment for a guest.
    - Cancel: To cancel the appointment for a guest.
    - No Show: To mark the appointment as no show, when the guest does not show
      up for the appointment.
    - Check In: To check-in the guest. 

  • Modify service duration: To modify the duration of the service, drag the red dot that appears for the appointment block. To increase or decrease the duration, touch and hold along the red dot in the appointment block.

  • Pinch to zoom in or out: To zoom in for a better view, you can pinch and zoom. 

  • Move an appointment: To move an appointment, touch and hold the appointment block and then drag it to the appropriate time slot for the same or another provider. When you are done, tap anywhere in the appointment book to save the change.  This feature allows you to reschedule an appointment easily if the guest is running late or if the provider is not available to take up appointments.

  • Book an appointment: To book an appointment for a provider, touch and hold an empty slot for a provider.
    The Create Event screen appears and displays the provider name and Appointment option by default. 

To book an appointment, do the following:  
  i. Tap Select Customer to open and select a guest.
     Note: To create a new guest profile by using Zenoti Mobile, tap + New    
     Customer in the Search a Customer screen.
     The options to add a service and notes appear. 

  ii. Tap +Service and then select a service.
  iii. (Optional) To add booking notes, tap +Notes.
      Note: You can add Add on, or modify the start time, duration, notes, and room
      for the selected service.   

  iv. Tap Done. The appointment is booked and appears for the provider.
      Hint: To use the usual booking flow, tap Go to Booking Wizard.  

  • Manage the Appointment Details screen: To open the Appointment Details screen, tap the appointment. 

You can perform the following actions from the Appointment Details screen: 

      - Edit Appointment
      - Access and Manage Guest Details page
      - View the service details and change the Appointment status
      - Track Consumables
      - Select an Add-on for a service
     - Access the form required for the service or membership
      - Start or Complete the service
      - View or add appointment notes
      - Add a guest to a group booking
      - Add retail items
      - Collect Payment and access POS 

> Employee-related Actions

  • Create Blockout time: To create block-out time for an employee, touch and hold the empty slot for a provider. The Create Event screen appears.
    Tap Blockout Time and configure the block out time for a provider.
    Alternatively, to open the Add Block out time window, tap the ellipsis icon (...) next to the provider’s name. 

  • Checkin employee: To check-in, tap the ellipsis icon (...) next to the provider’s name and use the Check In option.

  • Checkout employee: To checkout, tap the ellipsis icon (...) next to the provider’s name and use the Check Out option. 

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