You can manually process payments using guest’s credit or debit cards if your center did not configure an integrated payment gateway in Zenoti Mobile.

Before you begin

Ensure that your organization is configured to allow credit or debit card payments. To know how to configure for your center, read Define Payment Types 

To process offline payment credit or debit card 

1. From the Zenoti Mobile, tap Appointments tab.
2. Tap Proceed for Payment.
    The Take Payment screen appears.
3. To initiate offline payments, tap Credit/Debit in the Take Payment screen.

    The Credit/Debit Card screen appears and displays the total amount in Pay field.
4. In the Card Details section, do the following:
   i. From the Type list, select a card based on the guest’s preference.
  ii. (Optional) In the Last 4 digits box, enter the last four numbers of the card you have
  iii. (Optional) To select an expiry date for the card, tap Expiry.
  iv. (Optional) From the Bank list, select the bank associated with the card.

5. (Optional) In the Other Details section, do the following:    
  a. To enter the receipt number, tap Receipt # box and enter a number.        
      Note: If your business has configured at the organization level, the receipt number
     appears by default in the Receipt # box.    
  b. From the Terminal list, select the terminal information as required.

      Hint: To remove and re-enter the card details, tap Reset.

6. Tap Add Payment.
    Zenoti processes the payment to the invoice.
7. Tap Close Invoice.
Hint: To print the invoice, tap Close And Print. To email the invoice for the guest tap Close And Email.

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