At times, a guest may have booked an appointment for a particular service (say, hair colour) but when she is at your center, a provider may upsell the service (to say, hair regeneration). If both these services have roughly the same duration, the font-desk staff can quickly change or swap these services (before taking payment). 

Note: Reach out to Support to enable this feature for you. 

To swap or replace a service in the POS

  1. Click the appointment for which the guest wants to swap services and select Take Payment from the context menu.
    Alternatively, locate the invoice.
    The POS opens. 

  2. Click the pencil icon to change or swap the service. Refer to the screenshot.

  3. In the pop-up that opens, select the new service. 

  4. Click Save.
    The new service appears on the invoice. However, there are a few aspects that Zenoti considers while changing services (old to new) in this manner as the duration of the services, provider availability, commissions, and other aspects are impacted. 

Points to Consider

  • Zenoti does not honor the setting, Double booking of therapists when the services are swapped.

  • You cannot swap services if:
    a) Redemptions/discounts are added
    b) Services have add-ons

  • For considerations on provider, commissions, start time, service duration, room, service price, and Sale by details, click View Table.

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