It is common for guests to want to upgrade or downgrade their current membership for a variety of reasons. To upgrade or downgrade a membership, the following conditions must be met:

  • The membership to which the guest wants to upgrade or downgrade must be defined in the current membership settings. (For more information, refer Set up Advanced Properties for Memberships.)

  • The membership to which the guest wants to upgrade or downgrade must be active. (For more information, refer Modify a Membership.)

Note: Upgrades and downgrades are only supported for recurring memberships. You cannot upgrade or downgrade a non-recurring membership.

To Change (Upgrade or Downgrade) a Membership

  1. For the guest, open the Guest Profile page.
    The General tab appears.

  2. Click the Memberships tab.

  3. In the Membership column, click the membership to upgrade.
    The Membership Details page opens.

  4. Click Upgrade/Downgrade.
    The Upgrade/Downgrade dialog box appears.

  5. Select the Type of transaction - Upgrade or Downgrade.

  6. Enter the date from which the change is effective. This date can be in the future.

  7. From the Upgrade To (or Downgrade To) list, select the membership to which the customer wants to move.

  8. From the Price of new membership options, select the price to apply. You can choose to apply the List Price or give the the Discounted Price. If you choose the later, enter the discounted price in the $ box.

  9. From the Upgraded By list, select the employee making the sale.

  10. Click Upgrade.

The customer has been moved to the selected membership. 

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