It is imperative for businesses to understand the performance of their online booking, as this helps them to understand guest behavior and also focus on the areas that need improvement. 

In this article, you will learn how you can check the Online Booking Dashboard and its different metrics. 

Important: The Online Booking Dashboard shows a summation of the appointments booked during the selected time period. If for any case, the guest does not show up for the appointment, or if the appointment is canceled, such information is not captured. This data will not match with the Online Collections Report or other Sales Reports.

To view the Online Booking Dashboard

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Reports > Online Reporting.

  3. Select the following filters:
    a. Metrics: Select Online Appointment Data to see the Online Booking performance:
    b. Date: Select the date range for which you want to check the performance metrics.
    The Online Booking performance appears.
    Note: The Online Booking Dashboard displays booking details of Webstore, CMA, and Kiosk (if enabled). 

Online Appointment Data

Online Appointment Data shows the following details in a graphical representation: 

  • Appointments Booked Online VS In-store: This chart compares the number of appointments booked online with the appointments booked in-store. 

  • Appointments By Webstore: This chart displays the appointments that are booked on the Webstore for the selected time period. 

  • Average Ticket Price Booked Online VS Rest: This chart displays the average cost of the appointment that was booked on the Webstore and compares it with the in-store average price of the booking.

  • Conversion Funnel: The Conversion Funnel tracks all user behavior on the Webstore. You can get info as to how many new users signed up on the Webstore, and how many have opened the Webstore and completed the booking flow.

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