When your guests book an appointment for a group on the Webstore V2, it is not necessary for the host to enter the details of all the guests in the group such as name, and email id.

The Webstore identifies the guests in the group as Guest 1, Guest 2, and so on.

You can enable the Mandatory Guest Details setting at the organization level and make it necessary for the host to enter the details of all the guests in the group. This allows the front-desk staff to serve the guests in a better way. 

To enforce the guest details to be mandatory

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Online Booking tab and click the Webstore V2 template. 

  3. Locate and expand Group Booking

  4. Turn on the setting Mandatory Guest Details.

On the Webstore V2, when your guests are booking a group appointment,  the details for the Guest 1 is auto-populated with the information of the host. The information for the others guests should be entered by the host.
Example: Natasha wants to take a Balinese Massage is also joined by her friends Trish and Daisy. Natasha, being the host for the group, logs in to your Webstore and books the service. She takes the following actions on your Webstore:

  • She selects 2-6 Guests from the guest drop-down list and specifies the number of guests as 3.

  • She will see three tabs appear. One for each of the guests. 

  • The guest tabs consist of First Name, Last Name, and the Email Id.

  • The first guest tab is auto-populated with the name of the host, or whoever logs in to the Webstore. 

  • The second and the third tab require Natasha (host) to enter the details of Trish and Daisy respectively.

  • If Natasha does not enter the details of the other guests in the group, Webstore will display an error message and not allow her to proceed with the booking. 

Note: A guest profile is not created in Zenoti when the host enters the details of the guests 

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