You can track all changes made to the employee schedule such as when a schedule was created, updated, or deleted in the Changes Log. Such a log is useful to track unauthorized changes to employee schedules. Managers and center administrators can review, audit, and troubleshoot issues regarding employee schedules using this log. 

Permission required

To be able to view logs related to employee schedule, you must have View permission selected for the Change Setting Logging from Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Role > Permissions tab > Administrator section.

To track changes to employee schedule

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.
    Note: If you are an organization level administrator, you can follow the same steps but from the organization level. In this case, you can select multiple centers for which you want to view the log for changes to the employee schedule. 

  2. Go to Setup > Change Settings Log.

  3. Search the log using the following filters:
    a) Search String: Enter search keywords such as "Created", "Updated", "Deleted" to check for logs on employee schedules that match these criteria. See the screenshot for details.
    Note: You can enter only one search keyword at a time.
    b) Centers: Select the center for which you want to view the log.
    Note: If you are viewing the log from the organization level, you can select multiple centers to view the log across centers based on your search criteria. If you are viewing the log from the center level,  you can view only the logs for your center.
    c) Employees: Select a specific employee for whom you want to check the log, else select All. Employees who were on deputation or on loan to the center during the selected date range (Start Date and End Date filters)  will also appear in the list.
    d) Start Date: Select the start date from when you want to check the logs.
    e) End Date:Select the date till when you want to check the logs. 

  4. Click Search Setting Changes.
    A log that matches your search criteria appears. 

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