Disclaimer: This article is for the latest version of Zenoti Reports

In the latest version of Zenoti reports, you can freeze columns horizontally. This will keep the columns fixed as you scroll through.

To freeze or pin columns in a report

  1. Click the Reports icon.

  2. Search for and open the report.                                                                                The report opens in a new tab.

Let’s say that in the Sales-Cash report, you want to freeze the Invoice Date and the Sales Collected columns to the left.

3. Hover the column that you want to pin.                                                                                The corresponding hamburger icon appears.

4. Click the hamburger icon.                                                                                                      The menu options appear.

5. Click Pin Column and select either Pin Left (to pin columns to the left-hand side) or       Pin Right (to pin columns to the right-hand side) depending on your requirement.          The columns are pinned as selected.

When you want to un-pin the columns, from the Pin Column sub-menu, click No Pin or click Reset Columns.

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