During festive season or during long weekends, your center may run promotional or marketing events in an attempt to boost sales. As business owners, you can encourage your front-desk staff to sell predefined gift cards during such special days. 

A predefined gift card has either a predefined set of services (two Basic Manicures, two Basic Pedicures, and one Fruit Facial) or may have a predefined amount ($50). An administrator configures such gift cards, naming each one of them and defining other redemption-related properties. As the front-desk staff, you can sell such gift cards directly from the POS. 

To sell predefined gift cards from the POS

  1. Launch the POS

  2. Search for the guest’s number who is interested in buying such a gift card or, for a new guest, enter relevant guest details such as First Name or Last Name.  

  3. Click Gift Cards in the bottom panel.

  4. Select Predefined Cards.
    A pop-up window with all predefined cards (service- and amount-based) opens up. 

5. Click Select next to the gift card you want to sell.
    You can see the relevant details of the predefined gift cards such as whether the          card is redeemable at only this center or across all centers, expiry details, and              more.

   6. Specify whether the guest is buying the gift card for herself (Self) or for Others.
   7. (Optional): Select the Send gift card by email checkbox.
   8. Specify the name of your staff who made the sale in the Sale by field and click               Add.
       This employee earns a commission or payout for selling such gift cards.
   9. Proceed to take payment as you normally do.
        The guest has successfully purchased the predefined gift card.
   10. Click Close and Print or Close and Email as required.
         You have successfully sold a predefined gift card to a guest. 


  • From Mobile POS, you cannot sell predefined gift cards.

  • From Zenoti Web and Webstore V2, you can continue to sell regular gift cards of service or value as you do at present. 

  • From the Customer Mobile App (CMA), you can only sell amount-based gift cards - there is no change here.  

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